Paris, January 19th 2021

Open Pricer, the leading cloud-based pricing platform provider for parcels and road freight carriers, today announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with global logistics giant, Aramex, providing them with a bespoke digital pricing solution to help further optimize Aramex’s revenue management.

The scope covers the integration of OP Smart Quote, to perform simulations for commercial negotiations and build quotes based on updated market factors. In addition, OP Rerating Campaigns will also be deployed to improve rating strategies and monitor results in real-time.

This agreement represents another step in Aramex’s strategy to further accelerate its digital transformation journey by leveraging the latest innovative technologies to quickly adapt to customers’ changing expectations and needs on a global scale. The agreement also supports Aramex’s efforts to offer its customers more competitive and fair prices, based on hard facts and market analysis.

We believe our collaboration with Open Pricer will support our efforts towards offering our customers some of the most competitive prices backed by real data. It will also significantly increase sales efficiency and productivity, thanks to smarter and faster quotes based on advanced analytics. The gain in speed will enhance our sales executives’ reactivity and optimize customer service.” said Anas Hijjawi, Chief Commercial Officer at Aramex. “With Covid-19, we have seen a remarkable shift in the purchasing habits of our customers. Real-time price grid updates will ensure our adaptability to ever changing market conditions and continued growth in the e-commerce industry. Open Pricer was selected to enforce this project quickly for its extended knowledge of our industry and the maturity of its platform.

From his end, Mohammad Sleeq, Chief Digital Officer at Aramex, said, “In the last 12 months, our business has witnessed a surge in shipment demands, therefore the need to meet this significant increase in volumes with more powerful solutions has become critical. Aramex invested largely in its operational facilities, but digital investments hold an equally important role in our evolvement. Through Open Pricer’s APIs, we will enhance our customer relationship management (CRM) interface in order to centralize strategic price decision making data. With the digitization of pricing, we will further improve the quality of our service.

We are honored that Aramex selected Open Pricer as a global partner to empower its Sales Teams and accompany its Revenue Management strategy” says Dao Nguyen, Head of Sales at Open Pricer. “Aramex will benefit from our extensive expertise of pricing in the transportation industry and from the large coverage of the Open Pricer solutions.”


About Aramex

Aramex (DFM: ARMX) is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Established in 1982 as an express operator, the company rapidly evolved into a global brand recognized for its customized services and innovative multi-product offering. The company was the first Arab-based organization to be traded on NASDAQ stock exchange (1997-2002), and today, Aramex is a publicly traded company on the Dubai Financial Market, employing more than 15,500 people in over 600 locations across more than 65 countries. It leads a strong alliance network providing global presence, and bringing together 40 independent express companies from around the world. The range of services offered by Aramex includes International and Domestic Express Delivery, Freight-Forwarding, Integrated Logistics Solutions & Supply Chain Management, Secure Records and Information Management Solutions, and e-Commerce Solutions including Shop and Ship.

About Open Pricer

Open Pricer provides a cloud-based pricing platform that empowers businesses to sell smarter and faster, thus improving their financial performance. This solution is based on an extensive experience gained from working for many years with global market leaders. It helps sales and pricing teams to improve revenue management strategy, build more accurate quotes, optimize price increase campaigns, effectively monitor contracts to retain customers and maximize their lifetime value.

About OP Smart Quote

OP Smart Quote is the cloud based solution for all your sales channels: field sales (medium accounts), inside sales (small accounts), pricing study (scenarios for large accounts) and web/e-commerce. Smart Quote enables your sales teams and pricing analysts to build accurate offers for new business (contracts/agreements and spot transactions), contract extensions, contract renewals and defensive offers with a few clicks. Your customers and partners can also access Smart Quote through easy-to-use interfaces and ready-to-use APIs. Learn more about OP Smart Quote

About OP Rerating Campaigns

OP Rerating Campaigns is the cloud based solution for all your field sales (medium accounts), inside sales (small accounts), key account managers (large accounts). Rerating Campaign enables your pricing analysts and sales teams to differentiate price increases based on Peer Price Analyses, definition of rerating strategies, management of exceptions through workflow and monitoring of campaign results in real-time. Learn more about OP Rerating Campaigns