Project Description

Ronan Le Guilly

“Before working with Open Pricer we used to win 10% of our quotes. Now we focus on the right customers and win 20-25% of our quotes.”

Ronan Le Guilly, Pricing Manager at Geodis Ciblex

Customer Benefits

  • 1 additional margin point
  • All quotes through the system
  • Answer to complex RFQ in 24 hours
  • A single and integrated pricing platform
  • Focus on good customers

About Geodis Ciblex

Geodis Ciblex, subsidiary of the Geodis Group, delivers parcels from 0 to 30 kgs. Its revenues exceed € 150m with activities in France and Benelux and a network of partners in Europe and worldwide. Geodis Ciblex serves various industries from Health to Optical or even Automotive, distributing 150,000 parcels a day.