How does it work?

Thanks to its expertise, Open Pricer will compare your pricing capabilities to your industry best practices. We have developed a +200 checkpoints test going through the 5 key pricing processes:

  • Price Setting: Are your prices in line with market/competitors/price policy/costs?
  • Quote Process: Is your sales team using your prices correctly?
  • Billing Implementation: Are you charging less than sold and loosing money? Or are you charging more than sold and loosing time?
  • Contract Management:  Are your customers complying with their commitments?
  • Price Increases: Are you managing effectively your rerating campaigns?

What will you get?

  • Identification of your pain points
  • Benchmark with your industry best practices
  • Quantification of potential benefits
  • Definition of your personalized progress plan

How to proceed?

Fill out this form to further discuss what would a Pricing Power Assessment bring to your organization.