Find the smart rate card for your corporate and leisure contracts

Negotiated contracts represent between 20% and 60% of travel industry’s income. Finding the right rate card for each contract requires to consider B2B customers’ booking profile, costs to serve (including demand displacement and capacity spoilage due to cancellations and no-shows) and willingness to pay. All these factors may vary by product, level of service, lead time, season/event and day of week.
Improving contract pricing has a significant impact on profitability, specially for strategic accounts for which pricing imprecision and errors may lead to important losses of volume and value.
The digitalisation of RFQs makes it necessary to reduce time to quote and also enables to build and monitor intelligent offers based on fixed or dynamic rates with price differentiation by type of product, season and day of week and specific advantages in terms of levels of service (upgrades, etc.)


Define a Fair Price Model
Extract from your CRS (or PMS) pricing decision support data (account production by date, booking profile, capacity utilisation by date, etc.). Calculate account’s performance metrics (contribution to profit, average discount, etc.) and identify relevant pricing factors. Then build a fair price model taking into account your strategy by segment. Finally get for each account and each product the deviation to fair price and take corrective actions.
Build Smart Quotes
Add to your RFQ platform and B2B booking front-end an API to our Smart Quote engine and get the target price, fair price and defence price for each contract based on customer characteristics and actual booking profile. For new business our Transaction Profiler module will use the actual booking profiles of most similar customers to predict savings Vs public rate and profitability (taking into account their booking pattern by product, day of week, period and lead time).
Negotiate with a Contract Dashboard
Lead successful contract review meetings and negotiations with your B2B customers. The Contract Dashboard will give you the KPIs of each account in terms of contribution to profit, compliance with the booking profile defined at quote time (activity by product, season, day of week) as well as advantages granted to the customer (actual savings Vs public rate at booking time, etc).


“We selected Open Pricer after a detailed review of the pricing applications available in the market followed by a rigorous proof of concept.” [...]

Video: Open Pricer's Fair Price Model
Open Pricer's Fair Price is a powerful Machine Learning model allowing businesses to capture the full value of customer contracts. It guides your sales teams to negotiate every deals at the right price. It is not a black-box, it can be tuned to reflect your strategy.


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