Jadlog switches to Digital Pricing with Open Pricer

Sao Paulo and Paris, Feb 8th, 2022

Jadlog Logistica, leader in e-commerce fulfillment in Brazil, has chosen the Open Pricer platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its commercial and revenue management processes. The collaboration comes in response to strong growth and increased market volatility.

The Brazilian parcel delivery market is very competitive with multiple carriers (at global, national or regional level) and fulfilment platforms. Due to the immense size and topographic diversity of the country, the pricing model is complex with rates varying by state of origin, state of destination, delivery density zone and weight band.

The market is very dynamic: top 50 retailers work with between 5 to 10 carriers at the same time and source the best service by destination depending on price, transit time and quality of service. They use price comparison engines to allocate traffic to carriers often on a daily basis.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, our market has become dramatically dynamic and we are convinced that technology can help us to identify risks and opportunities and quickly make the right pricing decisions.” says Bruno Tortorello, CEO of Jadlog Logistica.

The Open Pricer platform continuously gathers all useful information to update the pricing models and enables Jadlog’s sales teams and franchisees to easily find the right rate card for each deal depending on customer characteristics (revenue, industry, region, etc.), predicted costs and competitors’ prices resulting in improved conversion rates.
The platform then monitors trade by retailer and destination to identify risks of attrition due to price and recommend incentives to retain customers’ volumes on destinations with declining traffic or opportunities to increase prices when/where traffic is growing fast and investments in additional capacity are required.

“We choose Open Pricer to centralize and standardize our pricing processes, make pricing decisions based on data, reduce time to quote and be proactive instead of reactive in a very dynamic market environment.” said Bruno Tortorello.

About Jadlog

Jadlog is one of the largest logistics companies and transportation of fractional express cargo in Brazil with 17 years in the market. Standing out in the market for the speed and quality of its services, Jadlog has one of the largest door to door distribution networks in Brazil. Through its franchise network, with more than 500 units spread across all capitals, the Federal District and major cities, the company serves all Brazilian municipalities. In recent surveys conducted by Olist and ABComm, the company was voted the most used private carrier by Market Places. Jadlog uses all commercial aviation and cargo in the country. The dedicated land fleet consists of more than 240 trucks and trailers and 2,500 utilities.. www.jadlog.com.br

About Open Pricer

Open Pricer provides a cloud-based pricing platform that empowers businesses to sell smarter and faster, thus improving their financial performance. This solution is based on an extensive experience gained from working for many years with global market leaders. It helps sales and pricing teams to improve revenue management strategy, build more accurate quotes, optimize price increase campaigns, effectively monitor contracts to retain customers and maximize their lifetime value.