Many enterprises are still using basic tools (spreadsheet and email) to manage thousands/millions of complex pricing decisions. These basic tools lack security, precision, integration and traceability.

The Open Pricer platform will enable you to efficiently manage all pricing decisions, and thus eradicate revenue leakage, increase sales/pricing productivity and build offers for customers more quickly. Our patented Customer Centric Revenue Management technology will help you improve pricing accuracy, which will result in a higher margin per offer and a lower customer attrition rate.

You can choose the configuration that best suits your needs, including one or several of the following modules, in on-premise or cloud version.

Smart Quote

Smart Quote

The Smart Quote module enables sales teams and pricing analysts to build accurate offers for new business, contract renewals and contract extensions. Unlike traditional CPQ tools that are based on rules, Smart Quote embeds price analytics and simulation capabilities to optimize each offer.


  • Higher margin per offer: conversion x margin maximizer taking into account cost and willingness to pay models
  • Accurate profitability simulation: revenue and costs simulations based on customer order/usage profile
  • Easier and faster quotes: automatic retrieval of the applicable tariff for each deal, elimination of delays/bottlenecks in deal validation/review (integrated validation workflow), automatic retrieval of customer and billing data (CRM/ERP integration) and automatic generation of proposals and contracts
  • Management control: central visibility on deal flow, validation workflow and on-going performance report (deal scores per sales team/person)

Business Monitoring & Price Increases

Business Monitoring

The Business Monitoring & Price Increases module enables enterprises to monitor customers’ economics and contract compliance through their lifetime engaging with the company, identify relevant business actions to improve their yield (price adjustments, promotional offers…) and ensure that there is no loss of margin over time.


  • Contract monitoring: quick identification and correction of gaps between actual business and the conditions that were negotiated
  • Improved rerating: identification of customer contracts with a price significantly lower than the price of similar contracts (peers)
  • Improved customer retention: Identification of customer contracts potentially at risk due to a price significantly above market prices, and definition of ad hoc retention strategies (including rate migration plans)
  • Price increase campaign optimization: differentiation of price increase objectives based on peer price analysis, definition of re-rating strategies, management of exceptions though workflow and monitoring of campaign results by sales team/people

Price Analytics & Optimization

Price Analytics & Optimization

The Price Analytics & Optimization module enables the pricing team to securely and effectively manage enterprise price policy (standard rate cards and discount rules for all products and services by price segment).


  • Price consistency: one central and secure repository for enterprise price policy enabling sales teams to easily find the right tariff for every deal
  • Higher accuracy: segmentation by willingness to pay (WTP) and setting of target, optimal & floor rates for each price segment taking into account all relevant factors (WTP, costs, business objectives and constraints)
  • Adaptive recommendations: monitoring of price policy performance based on sales volume, price and conversion (win/loss) analysis and updating of recommendations to reflect market evolution and costs

Integrate with your CRM

SugarCRMUse our SugarCRM connector (Case Study CIPT).

CRMAny CRM can integrate with Smart Quote through web services.

Open Source friendly

JbossEasily configure your rules in Open Pricer through JBoss. (Press release)

PentahoTremendous charts and reports for better analytics.

Connect to your ERP

SAPPush to SAP billing.

OraclePush to Oracle ERP billing.