In the digital age, data is ubiquitous, and everything changes very quickly. To win deals, your quotes must be completed within minutes (not days) and instant pricing is essential for e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.
Fixed prices are replaced by differentiated and dynamic prices. This implies a dramatic increase in the number of pricing decisions that can no longer be managed by human experts.
Dynamic Models
Automation is essential, but rule-based pricing is a sub-optimal answer in ever-changing market environments. Data-driven dynamic models are required to continuously adapt to the market.

Empower your teams and provide a better experience to users

Sales teams

Give your sales teams the right tools to reach commercial excellence and build a long-term relationship with their customers. With Open Pricer, they will get insights and guidelines to lead successful negotiations, find the best selling solution with speed, flexibility and accuracy and identify opportunities and risks in order to maximise customers’ life-time value.

Pricing Teams

Enable your pricing teams to effectively manage an ever increasing number of pricing decisions, monitor the results and continuously adapt to maximise your margins.


Provide your customers with a better buying experience. Open Pricer API-based rating engine delivers instant prices to online sales channels. Your contracted customers can access their rates and receive activity reports and special offers through your customer portal.

OP Smart Pricing platform includes a set of modules that are proposed alone or in combination on a subscription basis. They can be configured to meet your enterprise unique needs. Click on a module to discover more.

Open Pricer Platform
Open Pricer Platform

Turn data into value

Pricing decision support data is usually in different silos, not easily accessible and not properly organised. OP Pricing Data Mart collects and structures all data and makes it available within seconds for analysis, simulation and prediction. It is fed monthly, daily or in real-time from internal systems (ERP, CRM, CPQ, Customer Portal) – or corporate data lake – and external sources (web or market research).