Boost Your Pricing Power

Industry leaders have identified that Pricing Power is critical to business success. Open Pricer will help you to align with industry best practices and effectively manage the five pricing processes:

  • Price Setting: Are your prices in line with market, value and costs?
  • Deal Quote: Is your sales team executing the price policy correctly?
  • Price Implementation: Have you eradicated pricing errors? (e.g. charging more or less than the quoted price)
  • Contract Management: Are your customers correctly priced? Are they profitable? Are they complying with their commitments?
  • Price Increases: Are you effectively managing your rerating campaigns?

Price is the most powerful profit lever

The following graph illustrates the profit increase resulting from a 1% improvement in Variable Costs, Fixed Costs, Sales Volume or Price. As can be seen from the four case-scenarios presented, acting upon your Variable Costs will have the smallest impact on your profit. Whereas increasing Price by 1% will increase Profit by 20%.

Variable Costs (6%)

Fixed Costs (13%)

Sales Volume (14%)

Price (20%)

What Our Customers Say

  • “Open Pricer enables DHL to respond very quickly to customers RFQs and improves significantly our pricing process thanks to more accurate and traceable pricing decision.”
    Mark James
    Mark James, Senior VP Global Pricing at DHL Express
  • “Open Pricer streamlined our pricing processes, enabling sales forces to produce precise and fast quotations.”
    Olivier Establet
    Olivier Establet, Managing Director at Chronopost Portugal
  • “Before working with Open Pricer we used to win 10% of our quotes. Now we focus on the right customers and win 20-25% of our quotes.”
    Ronan Le Guilly
    Ronan Le Guilly, Pricing Manager at Geodis Ciblex

Pricing Benefits

Typically +4% Net Margin

Enforcing Pricing with our help typically leads to 4% of additional net margin.

However, price being the most powerful profit lever, it should be properly implemented and managed in order to ensure the substantial positive impact it can have on profit.

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In every company where price is negotiated, money is left on the table due to unjustified price disparities among customers.

Learn how to detect these disparities and what sales actions will help you reduce gaps and increase profit.

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