Moving to Digital Pricing

Road freight is facing a rapid transformation with shippers demanding increasing reliability and flexibility for managing smaller and more frequent shipments and market places providing real-time matching of demand and available capacity.

New technologies create opportunities to increase capacity utilization from 70-80 up to 95% and maximise financial performance as well as environmental efficiency.
Dynamic Pricing will play a critical role in this transformation: Machine Learning algorithms can process millions of historical shipment requests, transactions and market prices to define for every shipment the optimal prices that maximises the acceptance of both the shipper and the carriers. Mastering dynamic pricing is critical for large and medium freight networks that have long term contracts with shippers and carriers and must adapt to the rapid transformation of the market.


Build a Pricing Data Mart
Gather and made available in seconds all historical data that is necessary to calculate accurate prices in real-time. This covers internal data (transactions, costs, capacity utilisation measurement with all logistics parameters – weight, dimensions, stackability – and external data (market prices and market events).
Implement an Omni Channel CPQ
Deliver instant and consistent pricing recommendations for all types of quotes (spot shipments and contracts) across all channels (study contract, direct contract, online sales portal and e-marketplaces).
Implement Forecasting and Dynamic Pricing
Forecast load factors by date and transport segment. Define incentives and premium rates to optimize capacity utilisation.


How to Increase Margin by Reducing Price Disparities
A Pricing Diagnostic leads to margin improvement by enabling price disparities reduction among existing customers. See our methodology to classify customers and actions you can take by segment.


Impact of More Accurate Costs and Willingness To Pay Calculation on Margin
This simulation shows that a better knowledge of costs and willingness to pay at the transaction level drives to improved pricing decisions and translates into higher margins.


Logistics CIO Europe 2020, Amsterdam


Open Pricer will attend Logistics CIO Europe 2020 on 11-12 March 2020 at Novotel Amsterdam City in Amsterdam. Open Pricer is a provider of cloud-based price optimization solutions for the logistics industry. Leading international [...]