Open Pricer, the price optimization solution provider, has successfully implemented its OP Smart Quote solution at Chronopost, a subsidiary of DPDgroup and leading parcel network in France. Open Pricer’s CPQ (Configure Price Quote) engine is at the heart of the Click & Price project. It enables sales teams to build quotations with the most relevant prices in just a few clicks.

“Thanks to Click & Price, business managers are now equipped with an ergonomic and easy- to-use solution for building business proposals. The price grids are adapted to each customer’s needs and are updated in real time”, explains Franck Philippe, Chronopost Chief Sales Officer.

OP Smart Quote is based on advanced Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms developed by Open Pricer for dynamic pricing. It makes possible to calculate in real time the most suitable tariff for each customer or prospect, taking into account all relevant factors. It also enables the sales teams to make advanced simulations and to use the results to better manage commercial negotiations.

The validation workflow has been largely automated: the sales teams are provided with comprehensive price guidance. They are now more autonomous and responsive. “Our sales executives have made significant changes in the way they work. They have gained commercial efficiency and approach negotiations with much more confidence”, continues Franck Philippe. The workload of the Pricing team has also been reduced, enabling them to focus on strategic and complex negotiations.

The current scope of the solution covers all products, domestic and international, for the Mid- size Business. It can be extended to other divisions such as Strategic Accounts and Direct Sales.

This new project reinforces Chronopost’s trust in Open Pricer. We are now delivering a tight integration of OP Smart Quote with Salesforce, Chronopost’s CRM solution, using our APIs (Application Program Interfaces). This will enable sales teams to benefit from an even better user experience,” says Daniel Rueda, CEO of Open Pricer.