Open Pricer, as a pricing expert, is always keen to support efforts to create knowledge and new theories to improve the pricing field. Nevertheless, we always have the feeling there is something more to do.

As a matter of fact, as Stephan M Liozu, CEO of Ardex Americas, doctoral candidate in innovation and member of the Professional Pricing Society, stated, there is very little innovation in the pricing field.

For instance, there are only 9% American business schools including a dedicated pricing course. But, what’s even more disturbing is there is no free collaborative platform for pricing professionals to share their knowledge.

Pricing Wiki

This is why Open Pricer decided to launch the Pricing Wiki with the help of thought leaders such as Stephan.

Pricing Wiki is a free and easy to use collaborative platform hosted on the web. This means the knowledge base will always be up to date and accessible via a standard web browser.

Professionals, teachers, students or any pricing enthusiast individuals will be welcome to contribute and maintain the articles up to date.

All you have to do is access Pricing Wiki at It uses the same powerful wiki engine as Wikipedia which makes it easy to use. Then, just type in the keywords you would like to learn about and read the article. It’s that simple.

To contribute to Pricing Wiki, please send a request at Contact pricing wiki.