Paris, October 13th 2020

Open Pricer, the price optimisation solution provider, has tightened its Smart Pricing Platform integration with Salesforce® via API (Application Programming Interface). It enables all organisations to complement the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) standard features with key price decision making data, based on Open Pricer advanced Data Science, Machine Learning and simulation engine. Information is presented directly through the CRM interface to improve user experience. The integration is already implemented by Chronopost, a subsdiary of DPDgroup and the French leading parcel carrier.

Open Pricer’s platform integration grants access to an extended array of features, such as price recommendations maximizing the conversion rate and the profitability of each opportunity in the Salesforce® interface.

This combination has been carried out to grant sales teams access to inexistent advanced features in the CRM, such as being able to run revenue and cost simulations in a few seconds from price lists, customers tariffs and cost models, to measure the profitability of new business and business update opportunities.

Chronopost successfully integrated Open Pricer’s Smart Pricing Platform with Salesforce®, improving sales teams’ productivity. The APIs allow to rapidly integrate Open Pricer’s core pricing engine with Salesforce for all seeking to successfully complement their CRM with smart pricing features while minimizing risks of losing time and money.

With this integration, Open Pricer positions itself to help businesses execute successful API strategies in this dynamic environment.

Learn more about OP for Salesforce® here