Maria Griselda Hernandez Chief Marketing Officer Estafeta

We have selected Open Pricer because we wanted a solution supported by a proven technology that could easily integrate with our existing systems and could be implemented quickly.

María Griselda Hernández Fábregas – Chief Marketing Officer at

  • Leader of the national market
  • Cost plus approach
  • Defensive pricing strategy
  • Price granularity by zone (7)
  • Pricing disparities on discounts
  • Need of traceability
  • Automated Micro-segmentation and pricing recommendation per client
  • Centralized pricing rules and decisions
  • Validation workflow
  • Simulation of future revenue with new tariffs
  • Identification of underperforming contracts
  • Price Policy alignment
  • Differentiated rerating in function of customers’ economic context
  • Improved Margin per Parcel for new business
  • Higher conversion & quote efficiency
  • Quotes in total autonomy without any validation request
  • Pricing Team more focused on strategic deals
  • Consistent prices
  • Productivity increase (from 4h to 2h)
Press release : Estafeta Mexicana implements Open Pricer solution to meet the challenges of its accelerated growth

About Estafeta Mexicana

Estafeta Mexicana is the leading Mexican logistics, courier and parcel company. It started its operations in 1979 and is offering air and land cargo, parcels and courier transport services and related logistic solutions. Estafeta counts 482 owned offices, 500 concessioned offices, 1000 PuDos, around 5000 vehicles for urban and outbound transportation, a fleet of 5 Boeing 737 cargo, 128 operative centers and 3 national exchange centers. Estafeta services more than 220 countries.
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