Estafeta Mexicana implements Open Pricer solution to meet the challenges of its accelerated growth

Mexico City & Paris, May 12th, 2021 – Mexico’s logistics leader Estafeta Mexicana implements Open Pricer solution. The objective is to support new pricing strategies required by the strong increase in the number of parcels.

Estafeta’s main market, Mexico, experienced a boom of e-commerce. Indeed, the latter was fostered by lockdowns and closure of non-essential stores. In such a context, the group faced a significant growth in parcel volumes with the highest amount registered last December in its 41 years of existence.

Additionally, the company has the densest network of distribution facilities and the largest fleet of aircrafts and trucks to cover the vast territory of Mexico (4.000+ km from North to South and 2.500+ km from East to West).

Estafeta has recently increased investments in capacity to support the needs of their customers and maintain a high service level. Moreover, a significant change of business mix and shipping profiles has occurred. For these reasons it was essential to revise the pricing strategy. The goal is to sustain growth, service levels and have the right tools to set and manage the right prices in a rapidly changing market.

“We have selected Open Pricer because we wanted a solution supported by a proven technology that could easily integrate with our existing systems and could be implemented quickly” said María Griselda Hernández, Chief Marketing Officer at Estafeta.

“We are proud to help Estafeta transform their pricing processes based on Data Science. In a situation of increasing volumes, smart pricing is a powerful lever for carriers to generate a fair margin enabling them to invest in additional capacity required by their customers.” said Daniel Rueda, CEO of Open Pricer.

About Estafeta

Estafeta Mexicana is the leading Mexican logistics, courier and parcel company. It started its operations in 1979 and is offering air and land cargo, parcels and courier transport services and related logistic solutions. Estafeta counts 482 owned offices, 500 concessioned offices, 1000 PuDos, around 5000 vehicles for urban and outbound transportation, a fleet of 5 Boeing 737 cargo, 128 operative centers and 3 national exchange centers. Estafeta services more than 220 countries.

About Open Pricer

Open Pricer provides a cloud-based pricing platform that empowers businesses to sell smarter and faster, thus improving their financial performance. This solution is based on an extensive experience gained from working for many years with global market leaders. It helps sales and pricing teams to improve revenue management strategy, build more accurate quotes, optimize price increase campaigns, effectively monitor contracts to retain customers and maximize their lifetime value.