“We selected Open Pricer after a detailed review of the pricing applications available in the market followed by a rigorous proof of concept.”

Mark James – Senior VP Global Pricing at DHL Express

  • Global market leader in international express
  • Operations in 220+ countries
  • 500+ platforms
  • 300,000+ O&Ds
  • Need a single source of truth for all multi-country and strategic deals
  • Need to replace country tools by a central tool
  • Scalable solution to handle very big data
  • Integrated system with reliable and consistent data mart for all countries
  • Including customer accounts, shipments history, tariffs and complex cost model
  • Simulation of future revenue and profitability down to the lane level based on expected shipment profile
  • Tariff benchmark against other tariffs
  • Manage new business contracts and extensions/changes to current contracts
  • Price decision support for all global deals with shipments from multiple countries to anywhere in the world
  • Manage very complex tariff structures including personalized origin and destination zoning
  • Accurate price recommendations that ensure all lanes and weight break remain profitable
  • Very quick responses to customers RFQs
  • Traceable pricing decisions

Open Pricer has been deployed to support pricing for all DHL Express’ global deals. “We operate in over 220 countries so we had to be sure the application selected could support our complex business requirements, provide accurate recommendations and be scalable to handle very big data.” said Mark James.

DHL previously used a series of in-house developed tools for pricing decision support. Open Pricer now provides an integrated system with reliable and consistent data (Oracle central database) able to manage customer accounts, shipments, tariffs and costs for all countries in the DHL network.

About DHL Express

DHL Express, a business unit of DEUTSCHE POST-DHL, is the global market leader in the international express and ships more packages and documents internationally than any other company. The DHL network spans more than 220 countries and territories, in which some 100,000 employees provide services to more than 2.5 million customers.

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