• Leading Global Road Freight Carrier in Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Full-Truckload (FTL) with own capacity and brokerage
  • 10,000+ employees
  • Cost plus pricing methodology
  • Extensive use of spreadsheets to calculate prices
  • Long and error-prone offer building and validation process
  • Manual contract monitoring
  • Manual General Rate Increase (GRI) process
  • Need for more visibility on price decisions and validation processes
  • A comprehensive pricing platform for LTL and FTL contracts
  • Configurable to the needs of each business unit to drive the quotation and GRI processes (diversity of rating cards across countries)
  • Integrated with CRM and Billing Systems (automatic push of rate cards)
  • Precise pricing guidelines to ensure profitability on each lane and define the right level of margin
  • Cost calculation factoring in pallet format, stackability and other logistics parameters
  • Shipment profiling enriched with external data (e.g. geolocation of hubs, distance…)
  • Streamlined proposal creation and electronic signature process
  • Faster quotes and rerating campaigns
  • Pricing process efficiency and productivity gains for sales, pricing and contract teams through automation
  • Full visibility and traceability on price decisions and validation processes
  • Contract performance monitoring
  • Improved conversion thanks to estimation of willingness to pay (fair price model)
  • Maximised contribution margin for each contract on each lane
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