Finding the Right Shipping Solution at the Right Price

Freight Forwarders find the best shipping solution for their customers. A typical solution implies to assemble a set of logistic services: pickup, road line-haul, consolidation, warehousing, sea line or airline, custom clearance and delivery.

The added value relies on market knowledge, negotiated rates with carriers and expertise in assembling the right solution to fit customer shipping requirements (transit time, transportation security for special goods, etc.) at the best price. 

Freight Forwarding is digitalising and customers are expecting quicker responses to RFQs. At the same time carriers’ prices are becoming more dynamic which requires to re-evaluate the best routing and the final prices more frequently and accurately.  


Turn Data in Value
Instant access to up-to-date carriers’ and other partners’ services price and availability is more and more critical. But is is also important to analyse historical services and their prices as well as lost quotes in order to identify which offers have been accepted by customers and which offers have been rejected due to price or transit time.
Routing Configuration
Building the right solution is most often a matter of expertise. However for the online channel or when the sales person has not a detailed knowledge of the services, it is necessary to implement a Routing Configurator that will find all the possible service solutions and automatically calculate their cost, transit time and compliance with customer requirements.
Smart Pricing
Cost plus pricing is not adapted to dynamic environments. It is important to use internal and market data in order to predict customer willingness to pay. Smart Pricing enables to respond to questions such as: what are the maximum and average prices accepted for similar shipments ? What would be the impact on conversion and margin of increasing or decreasing the price of this service ?


Maximize your Margin: The Power of Accurate Cost and Willingness to Pay Predictions on Every Transaction
Quantify the benefits of better cost and Willingness to Pay prediction on your margin.


Logistics CIO Europe 2020


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