Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Digital Pricing Power

Open Pricer cloud platform empowers our customers to sell smarter and faster. Using our online services, sales and pricing teams can easily improve commercial efficiency and financial performance.

Turn data into value

In today’s complex digital environment, you shall make ever more pricing decisions in ever less time. Huge amounts of decision support data are available but they are not always correctly organised and your Sales and Pricing teams miss time to use them. Open Pricer structures this data and applies AI to recommend the right prices in real-time.

Empower sales teams

Give your sales teams the right tools to reach commercial excellence and build a long-term relationship with their customers. With Open Pricer, they will get insights and guidelines to lead successful negotiations, find the best selling solution with speed, flexibility and accuracy and identify opportunities and risks in order to maximise customers’ life-time value.

Expand e-commerce with dynamic pricing

Open Pricer API-based rating engine delivers instant prices to online sales channels. Our dynamic pricing model finds the right price depending on deal’s characteristics, specific costs and market conditions. Our online pricing portal enables your customers to access their contracted rates and receive special offers in a secured environment.

Partner with Open Pricer

We leverage 20 years of experience totalized by our pricing experts working with leading international groups to enable your teams to capture the full value of your products. Our customers benefit from the latest innovative technology thanks to our continuous R&D in Mathematics, Data Science and Machine Learning.
You will benefit from a continuous effort of support and a true commitment to success at every stage of our partnership. More than 99% of our customers renew their trust in Open Pricer year on year.