Open Pricer provides implementation services when you need fully configured, ready-to-use, solutions.

A Pricing project is often seen as strategic. Open Pricer team sees every implementation as a long-term partnership and focuses all efforts on reaching the strategic goals set

The Open Pricer team combines expertise in Pricing, Data science and Information Technology, with years of experience in your industry. Open Pricer’s consultants provide business manager-friendly guidance, in order to deliver the solution that will bring effective results.

Designing target process

  • If your goal is to tailor Open Pricer’s solution to fit your existing processes, our consultants will use our extensive configuration capabilities to match your expectations.
  • If your goal is to improve your existing processes, Open Pricer’s consultants will fill you in on the last industry’s best practices and provide the relevant configuration.

Integrating with CRM, ERP/Billing systems, Portal

Open Pricer’s solution operates across CRM, ERP/Billing systems and portals, handling information through web-services or any other suitable method. Open Pricer consultants will guide you in the use of our APIs and provide services to ensure a seamless integration in your ecosystem.

Driving Agile

Agility in Pricing projects is more than a buzz-word. It is in most cases the best way to guarantee the solution delivered satisfies your real requirements, under effective control of deadlines and budget. A first version is usually planned after only 2 months, and then short-cycle updates are delivered based on users feedbacks and business priorities.


Our consultants provide key users training and documentation and are skilled with building extra end-user training material you may request, such as training videos.

Tangible results

Once the solution is delivered, our consultants will guide you into using the right Key Performance Indicators, so that results are monitored and explained.

Staying close

Our consulting services do not end with Going Live. The team remains close through our Service Desk. With Premium support services, any adjustment you may need can be delivered quickly at the best cost.