Open Pricer SAS, a world leader in pricing technology and pricing intelligence, announced today that DHL EXPRESS the world leader in international courier and express services has successfully implemented Open Pricer’s software to support its price decision making worldwide.

“We selected Open Pricer after a detailed review of the pricing applications available in the market followed by a rigorous proof of concept” said Mark James Senior VP Global Pricing at DHL Express.

“Open Pricer has been deployed to support the price decision making for all our global deals. We operate in over 220 countries so we had to be sure the application selected could support our complex business requirements, provide accurate recommendations and be scalable to handle very big data” said Mark James.

DHL previously used a series of in-house developed tools for pricing decision support. Open Pricer now provides an integrated system with reliable and consistent data (Oracle central database) able to manage customer accounts, shipments, tariffs and costs for all countries in the DHL network.

Open Pricer is used when sales managers negotiate customer contracts that require an exception to the applicable price policy in terms of level of discount or tariff structure. Open Pricer enables pricing analysts to simulate the future income and profitability of the potential deal (based on the forecasted shipment profile, the recommended tariff and the network cost model) and to benchmark the tariff against other tariffs (current customer tariff, competitors’ tariffs and comparable customers’ tariffs).

Open Pricer handles new business contracts and extensions/changes to current contracts. It enables DHL to manage pricing for very large international deals where customers ship from multiple countries to anywhere in the world and with very complex tariff structures including personalized origin and destination tariff zones.

“Open Pricer will enable DHL to respond very quickly to customers RFQs and improve significantly our pricing process thanks to more accurate and traceable pricing decision” said Mark James.

About DHL

DHL Express, a business unit of DEUTSCHE POST-DHL, is the global market leader in the international express and ships more packages and documents internationally than any other company. The DHL network spans more than 220 countries and territories, in which some 100,000 employees provide services to more than 2.5 million customers.

About Open Pricer

Open Pricer SAS, based in Paris – France, is a leading provider of pricing technology and pricing intelligence for enterprises in the transportation and logistics, financial services, digital advertising, telecom and travel industries. Open Pricer helps enterprises to maximize their pricing power (i.e. their ability to effectively manage prices to reach profitable growth) with a typical effect of 2 to 3% additional net margin.

Open Pricer Pricing Intelligence services include: pricing capabilities assessment, customer pricing diagnostic, pricing strategy, pricing process engineering, pricing models improvement and training. Open Pricer patent pending “Customer Centric Revenue Management” technology is unique in the market and is designed for enterprises developing long-term relationship with their customers. It enables these enterprises to optimize customer tariffs at all phases of the business relationship: acquisition, development, rerating and retention.