Open Pricer is always improving the functionalities of its software to provide its customers with the innovative tools they need for day-to-day and long-term pricing decision making.

Brand New User Interface

The most visible improvement is the revamped user interface.

  • Cleaner look and feel
  • Contextual menu for easy access to most used features
  • Interactive graphics for faster and more precise analyses

Management of negotiation rounds

We now integrate the backup of your quotes throughout negotiation rounds.

  • Always know what tariffs have been offered throughout the life of your quotes
  • Go back in time to a previous state of your quote
  • Perform detailed round comparison analysis

Benchmark with similar quotes

Compare the quote you are working on with similar quotes in a single view.

  • Maintain pricing consistency between your customers, by benchmarking comparable customers tariff
  • A similarity score enables you to quickly see how similar are the other quotes
  • See what tariffs have lead to won or lost quotes
  • Import a customized tariff from another quote

Improved transaction profile selection

You can now work only with a part of the transaction profile of a customer.

  • Retrieve the transactions of a customer only for selected attributes: countries, products, business type…
  • Control exactly the scope of your quote

Price Policy Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your price policies.

  • Detect underperforming tariffs requiring an update
  • Identify customers less profitable than the average of a given price policy tariff

On top of all these new features, Open Pricer 5.2 also includes many smaller improvements, and some significant performance improvements to boost access to the most commonly used features.